Kiev Rioting

Suddenly, the capital of Ukraine Kiev is rioting.

On Nov. 28—29 2013 Ukraine was to sign an agreement to form an alliance with the European Union, a part of Ukraine’s long-anticipated initiative to become Euro-integrated. The agreement, however, never came to be, as the government of Ukraine put the process on hold about a week prior. So, come Saturday Nov.30, the folk of Kiev gathered in protest.


Radical protesters stormed and secured Kiev’s City Administration :

And attacked the President’s administration headquarters:

At one point, the protesters used a road scraper to crush the police barricades.

As of early Monday Dec.2, the riots in Kiev are under way.


By Max Bears

Not much is known about Max Bears, except for his obsession with the Russian language and Apple products. Sometimes seen on a bicycle around downtown Moscow, he is indistinguishable from the wild bears that roam the streets of Russia's capital.