Drink Like The Russians

To preserve the remainders of their identity, Russians hold on to whatever stereotypes the world holds about them. And drinking is one.

Are Russians big drinkers? Not more than the rest of the world, and Japan might kick their drinking habits in the groin. Do they have their own drinking culture? They do, like any other country in the world. Are they proud of how much they drink? And who isn’t?

And yet, there is something about Russian drinking that makes your heart race. We asked our resident squad to go into the nearest supermarket, stock up whatever felt right and went photomedieval on Russian food and drink. The results made us salivate, even though vodka kills your brain cells.

bread cheese full kagor kognac pickle salo shproty syrok vodka vodkablack
By Bears & Vodka

One cannot simply become a member of Bears & Vodka crew. But when one does, scores of videos are made, dozens of photoshoots are put together and, of course, vodka is drunk by gallons. Because that's what we do.