Chechen-style Parking

An unusual incident turned heads on the 1st of May 2012 in Moscow, near the shopping mall Evropeisky, involving the closest relatives of Chechen vice plenipotentiary Tamerlan Mingaev.

The members of the Russian youth movement “Nashi” were conducting a traditional Stopkham event (roughly translated as “StopSavage”), putting big round stickers on the windscreens of every wrongly parked car. A lady on a posh offroader, who turned out to be Mingaev’s wife, was so insulted with such outrageous behaviour of young activists that she called her son and his friends to teach the offenders some manners. A fight broke out between the Nashis and the young Chechen men that arrived to the rescue. See the whole story in the clip that follows. Mrs. Mingaeva’s story starts at 1:28.

The media picked up on the story and unwound it into a full-fledged scandal, which led Ramzan Kadyrov, president of Chechnya, to firing Mingaev from his high position.

Russian pro-Kremlin political youth movement “Nashi” was created in 2005 as a patriotic, democratic, anti-fascist organization and its activity is, allegedly, aimed at modernization of the country and establishing an integrated social order. Since the Nashis are closely connected with the Kremlin, their reputation is constantly under attack from the opposition. Few would argue, though, that teaching the savage drivers to park properly is the one good item on their agenda.

By Slavik Tribes

Slavik is a true Russian hipster: he is slim, trendy, wears his ushanka right and knows exactly what nuke codes are in this fall. He is Soviet and he knows it.