Aeroflot: Design Your Plane

Aeroflot, a major Soviet Russian airline, decided to show they’re more passenger-friendly than people think of them. With that in mind, PR-gurus offered to design the paint job of an Aeroflot jet. Thousands of designs were submitted to the official website and only 10 of those reached the finals.

We have made our own selection of designs. Pick your favourite!

The majestic bear-plane Our Bears are Flying With Us Birch trees cause teardrops on patriots' eyes Oriental carpets are hint you are in Russia Cheburashka, Russia's original animation character Magic Carpet Russians sure do love their Nyan Cats Nyan Cats... Peter the asshole pig that flees Russia in a proverbial joke
By Irina Vodka

Being an essential part of every party, Vodka is always at the highest degree of cheer. A native Muscovite, Irina Vodka has never worn a traditional Russian hat. Owns a chihuahua, and is not afraid to use it.